Bhutanese Kirat/Buddhist Association of Tasmania (BKBAT) Inc

BKBATThe Bhutanese Kirat/Buddhist Association of Tasmania (BKBAT) Inc started in October 2010 and was incorporated in May 2011.

The group has 317 voting members and 231 non-voting members.

A highlight for BKBAT has been their work on various projects to help Bhutanese community members to settle in the wider Australian community.


The BKBAT Inc. shall provide Association members with a platform for addressing all issues that will support their integration and access to opportunities in Australia in order to enhance their quality of life through co-operation and shared responsibilities.

  • BKBAT will work with all the Australian communities, including government and non-governmental agencies to facilitate the resettlement of the people of Bhutanese origin in Tasmania
  • It will facilitate and promote the culture and traditions of the Association’s members in harmony with respect to all other cultures and traditions in Australia.

Objectives of BKBAT:

  1. To provide for the establishment, management and operation of the Association.
  2. To represent the interests of the Association members to various government and non-government organizations in Tasmania.
  3. To promote awareness of the needs and help to solve the problems of the Association members.
  4. To provide an educational platform for meeting, discussing and identifying possible solutions of any issues of common interest or concern which affect directly or indirectly the Association members.
  5. To promote mutual understanding and co-operation among the members of the Association.
  6. To preserve and promote the Association members’ language, culture and traditions.
  7. To help to build a healthy and mutually respectful relationship with other
  8. To facilitate and organize the celebration of social and cultural events, including all festivals, rituals and promotion of literature in harmony.
  9. To liaise with government and non-government agencies at various levels for appropriate policies affecting the welfare of Bhutanese in Tasmania.

BKBAT Delegates

  • JUG BAHADUR RAI (Chairperson)
  • TIL BAALISAMPANG (Secretary)
  • LOK BAHADUR RAI (Public Officer)


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BKBAT gathering

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