Sudanese Community Launceston

The Sudanese Community Launceston was established in 1999 when it received its first arrival to Tasmania. Since then the group has grown to approximately 150 members.

Highlights for the group include:

  • A youth leadership summit as part of the celebration of National Youth Week, the summit brought youth from within Sudanese Community and various communities in Launceston
  • Community Mini Bus funded by Tasmania Community Fund after submitting a successful grant application
  • Creation of two Soccer teams Launceston Swans and  Black Angels
  • Black Angels Winner of 2016 Harmony Day Trophy
  • Black Angels Winner of Multicultural Soccer Tournament 2016
  • Recipient of Harmony Award in recognition of strong leadership and its commitment to peace and unity.
  • Two community trips to Mole Creek


The group aims to build strong relationships among the community, families, and children. The group also aims to maintain ongoing cultural activities, to have a strong identity and great sense of belonging among all members, as well as within the community in which they live.


  • Mr Juma Piri Piri
  • Ms Susan Kenyi
  • Mr Samson Masiya