Small Grants for Member Events (2019 applications due by 26 September)

Multicultural Council of Tasmania

Small Grants for Member Events Program – Applications due by 26 September.

Each year, Multicultural Council of Tasmania (Council) will call for applications from its member organisations for funding to hold an event consistent with the Council’s objective of celebrating, sharing and promoting multiculturalism and harmony within the wider community of Tasmania.

The amount available will depend on the annual budget as determined by the Board. In 2019 few grants of up to $500 will be available for Council member organisations for the purpose as stated. The following conditions will apply to all applications: –

  • Applications should be received by the date set on the application form each year from organisations who are financial members.
  • Applications will be considered and decided by the Board based on applications which best meet the criteria of celebrating, sharing, and promoting multiculturalism and harmony to the wider community of Tasmania.
  • Any event should be inclusive of the wider Tasmanian community.
  • Applicants will be advised at the AGM of the outcome of applications. The Board’s decision regarding grants is final.
  • Applications should be submitted on the attached application form.
  • Successful applicants will ensure that all publicity and promotion in relation to the event will nominate the Multicultural Council of Tasmania as a sponsor and should include the logo on all publicity and promotion material for the event. The Multicultural Council of Tasmania’s banner should be displayed in a prominent position during the event.
  • Successful organisations should provide a financial statement to Council at the conclusion of the event outlining the income/expenditure incurred, with copies of receipts.
  • The Council will actively promote all Council sponsored events through its newsletter and media.
  • Organisations holding events sponsored by the Council should provide to the Council office within one month of the event, a report in their own words of at least 250 words on the event, including numbers of participants and its success in meeting the Council’s objectives. This report may be used by the Council in its media releases and/or media outlets and newsletter.
  • Multicultural Council of Tasmania representatives should be invited to attend the event.

To apply download the application form MCOT Community Grants