Auspicing Your Grant

Getting Started

If your organisation or group wants to apply for a grant but is not incorporated, you must have an incorporated organisation auspice your grant.

Auspicing is when one incorporated organisation agrees to enter an agreement on behalf of another group. The Multicultural Council of Tasmania, as an incorporated organisation, often auspices our members’ community events and projects.

Things to know if you wish for MCOT to auspice your grant:

  • MCOT charges an auspicing fee of 5% of the total grant which must be reflected in your budget. This fee allows us to provide you with administrative and budget assistance.
  • Your organisation/group must request auspicing service more than 10 days before the grant due date.
  • Requesting auspicing does not mean that we will help you write or revise your grant. If you require grant-writing assistance, please contact MCOT three weeks before the grant is due.

A Breakdown of Obligations

Obligations of the auspicor (MCOT)

  • Provide an invoice to the organisation / funding body you have received the grant from
  • Hold your grant in our account and pay invoices or transfer you funds, upon proof of payment
  • Manage your budget to ensure money is spent on the project it has been granted to
  • Provide administrative assistance in relation to budget management and further administrative assistance, if previously agreed upon.
  • Provide a financial report, to be included in the final report.

Obligations of auspicee (you)

  • Properly manage budget and provide evidence (receipts) of spending
  • Provide a report on the project, detailing objectives and outcomes. Report templates are generally provided to you by the funding body.
  • Recognise the Multicultural Council of Tasmania’s support through the display of our logo or a written acknowledgement.

Successful Applications

Should your grant application be successful, we will provide a detailed outline of obligations and procedures to your organisation. We will also include you in all correspondence that is related to your grant.

Request MCOT to Auspice Your Grant

If you would like for MCOT to auspice your grant, please send an email office@mcot.org.au. We always require a complete draft of your grant application before providing a letter that states our auspice agreement. If you have any questions, please call 03 6285 9907 or come into the Multicultural Hub during office hours.