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CEO farewell

Dear Members and friends,

It is with great pleasure that I provide you with this timely update.

Earlier this year, I joined the Multicultural Council of Tasmania with the express task of supporting the organisation through a particularly challenging period of change. Originally, it was expected that my work would require a year. However, I am very pleased to announce that we have achieved most of the milestones much sooner than anticipated.

In the space of six months, we have completed a thorough organisational wide risk & strategy audit, a comprehensive financial audit, implemented a new governance framework including a contemporary set of board and operational policies and implemented numerous business improvements. Among these is a new continuous service improvement model that should, over time, add to the positive experiences of members.

This month we recruited a new Multicultural Community Development Manager, Nico van Leeuwen who joins us with a wealth of community development experience and will be a wonderful asset to the organisation. Nico will be focused largely on managing the Multicultural Hub in Moonah between the hours of 10am-3pm Monday-Friday. Please feel free to drop into the Hub and introduce yourself to Nico. Her email address is

The upcoming AGM on 30 September and national FECCA conference in early October have been organised, relationships with key stakeholders are strong and MCOT’s major reporting requirements are in hand. I am especially excited about the wonderful Welcoming Cities initiative and look forward to seeing it flourish with the support of the national CEO of Welcoming Australia, Aleem Ali who is a terrific advocate for communities all over Australia and is keen to see Tasmania be a leader of Welcoming Cities in partnership with our many local Tasmanian councils.

With these achievements, I have informed the MCOT Board that my work is largely complete and that it is now time for the organisation to focus more readily on its peak body function which is to represent you, and to pursue key multicultural social and public policy objectives.

As such, I will be officially finishing up with MCOT on the 23rd September and with great anticipation, will be looking forward to witnessing the next successful chapter in MCOT’s future. Importantly, I have made myself available to assist with transition and to support the board and staff, as required.

Over coming days, the Chair of MCOT, Waqas Durrani and myself will be contacting our key stakeholders and ensuring that their needs are met during this period, leading up to and beyond the AGM and conference.

I would like to thank the Board of MCOT for their resilience and commitment to ensure that MCOT was able to successfully manage its way through the previous year’s challenges. The many hours and communications spent with the Chair has been time well spent and I would like thank Waqas for his efforts, long hours and discussions.

Thank you to Secretary, Reshma Dutta, who has willingly undertaken the Secretary role despite it being a time-consuming and difficult task.

And to all the Board members who are passionate advocates for harmony and social inclusion, thank you for allowing me to share in this short but rewarding time with each and every one of you.

Thank you to the staff, Fazlinda Kassim and Mehrdad Tavangar who have ensured that the Multicultural Hub has continued to operate consistently during a period of great change. Also, thank you to all previous staff, volunteers and supporters.

I would also like to thank the many members of MCOT, community groups and individuals that I have met and worked with over the past six months. The mark left on me is indelible and I am a better person today simply by having the opportunity to meet and work with so many people from such varied and interesting backgrounds.

To everyone I say all the very best and thank you.

Ron Franks

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