How to Incorporate a Company

How to start a community association in Tasmania

A community organisation is a group of people who come together around a common cause or purpose.
You don’t need to be a formal community organisation to do good work, but it can definitely help to be more effective.

Some benefits of becoming a formal organisations are:

– members are protected from legal liability if something goes wrong.
– a formal organisation can be a powerful way of getting your message across, achieving your goals and be more sustainable  in the long run for both achieving goals and the people involved.
– the possibility of applying for grants and receiving money on behalf of the organisation.

Ourcommunity.com has a series of questions that can help decide whether you want to form a community organisation.

MCOT offers support to answer these questions and help set up your community organisation.
Several documents that provide information about the process of starting a community association in Tasmania are listed below:
MCOT Guide: How to set up a community association 2021
FECCA Guide: Starting and running your community organisation 2016

Ourcommunity.com.au Help Sheet: Incorporation in Tasmania Help Sheet – ourcommunity.com.au

Please contact Multicultural Community Development Manager Nico van Leeuwen for more information and support via nico.vanleeuwen@mcot.org.au or 03 6170 9196 or 0436 360 818