Government Roadshow

MCOT board 2019-20 highlights

Guided the organisation through the many challenges of COVID to date, as they affected migrants both on permanent and temporary visas, by lobbying governments and distributing grant moneys to those in need;

Initiated the 40th birthday celebrations of MC)T with an event at Government House and launched the Multicultural Day, Ambassadors and Awards at an event in Parliament House;

Initiated vigils and supported communities in the aftermath of the Christchurch and Sri Lankan Easter attacks;

Significantly increased membership, positive recognition from other peak bodies, improved governance and stakeholder confidence;

Formed a strategic partnership with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to hold a Multicultural Festival, which will go ahead when COVID restrictions are lifted;

Courtesy of Hina’s efforts and leadership, Hobart became the venue for the 40th Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Council of Australia, Conference 2019, attracting over 500 delegates from across Australia.

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