Reports & Submissions

National Multicultural Women’s Conference summary report: In November 2016 representatives from the Multicultural Council of Tasmania attended the inaugural National Multicultural Women’s Conference, held in Parramatta, Sydney. This report is a summary of workshops attended and take-away thoughts from those involved. Thank you to supporters for making this opportunity possible.

Scanlon discussion summary final: A report on round-table discussions held in Hobart, in response to researched published by the Scanlon Foundation on social cohesion and multiculturalism in Australia. The report Australians Today is landmark research into multiculturalism in Australia. A Community Discussion paper was developed, based on research in the report, and discussed in a facilitated workshop hosted by the Council in partnership with the Scanlon Foundation.

Submission Leg Council LG

Submission on the development of a Tasmanian Population Strategy

Local Government and best practice in multicultural policy and programs

Listening Forum information brief

The Racial Discrimination Act (1975) was passed by the Australian national parliament in 1975. The Multicultural Council believes it is a law that promotes high standards and is crucial to maintaining our social cohesion and multicultural nation.

In February 2017 the Multicultural Council of Tasmania held a forum to discuss changes to the Anti-Discrimination Act and how this could impact upon minority communities.