Women’s Networking Sessions

Women’s Networking Sessions at various locations around Tasmania

Women’s Networking Sessions

Every 6 months MCOT organises Women’s Networking Sessions at various locations around Tasmania.

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The Multicultural Council of Tasmania’s next event will be held at the Multicultural Hub, Moonah on Wednesday, May 1st from 6PM. The theme of our upcoming networking sessions is ‘Women in Arts’, and we will feature some of Tasmania’s incredible artists from different practices.


Panelists for this session will include:

Visual artist and performer – Edith Perrenot

Arabic calligraphy artist – Halima Bhatti

Multi-disciplinary Artist – Lila Meleisea


The session aims to highlight the importance of the arts, it’s benefits for communities, and to inspire attendees to delve into their own artistic practices with confidence.

Light refreshments will be provided from 5:30 pm and the formal program will commence 6pm.

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Our Panelists 


Edith Perrenot (She/Her)

I am an artist of visual and performing art based in Hobart/nipaluna.

I hold a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honors) from the “Haute école des arts du Rhin (HEAR)”, France, 2010.

My practice is interdisciplinary and focuses on creating emotional and interactive environments, objects and contexts. Design, painting, installation, text, sound and performative acts can co-exist, in the form of “a play”, an exhibit or a performance, to create intersectional universes, navigating common human experiences through different depths.

My work is deliberately layered, drawing on absurdity, naive shapes and colour. I often tackle challenging socio-political topics within my art with humour, never dismissing the difficulties of the human condition but as a radical filter to real life. This positions the poetics of hope,  resilience and joy at the centre of my creative practice.

In shaping our sensitive cultural landscape I actively unfold elements perceived as “common ground”; rules, representation and heritages, talking symbolically to the many.

I depart from finding out what has the potential of uniting, not dividing us.

For more than 10 years I have been working as a self-employed artist, performer, maker and designer, in the wide spectrum of the Tasmanian cultural industry.

Throughout this dense chapter in lutruwita, I have pursued my creative practice with an unwavering dedication to artistic activity within the community, presenting high calibre performance art that cross pollinates sonic work, visual art and physical movement. Collaborating both as a solo artist and with other local artists, my work has been presented at places like TMAG, Mona Foma, Dark Mofo, Salamanca Art Center, Junction Festival, Terrapin Theatre, Drill etc..

Lila Meleisea (She/Her)

Lila Meleisea is a Tasmanian Samoan/English/German multi-disciplinary artist living in the village of Beaumaris on the North-East coast of lutruwita/Tasmania. After living in Samoa at the age of four, she then settled with her mum in lutruwita where she was raised to explore and value our natural landscapes. Lila’s work has always been influenced by the natural sounds and beauty of this place. Explored through music, voice, performance, drawing, and improvisation, Lila works extensively in a collaborative manner and is passionate about community arts practice that engages and enlivens regional communities. Reconnecting with her Samoan family village, community, cultural practice and symbology shifts Lila’s practice in a deeply intuitive and affecting way that synchronises her two island homes and communities, consolidating who she is and what she stands for.

Halima Bhatti

Halima, A Tasmanian-based Arabic Calligraphy artist originally from Lahore, Pakistan, shares her artistic journey and inspiration. Halima’s art is characterised by its lyrical, spiritual, and calligraphic essence, drawing inspiration from Islamic Art and the teachings of philosopher Dr. Allama Iqbal. Her creations aim to promote cultural connections, bridging gaps between cultures and combating stigmatization associated with Muslims and Islamic art. She believes her artworks are gifts meant to inspire and connect, fostering unity and a deeper appreciation for Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic philosophy, ultimately promoting a more harmonious world.”

Sinsa Mansell (She/Her)

Unfortunately Sinsa won’t be able to join us for this session due to interstate commitments, but we hope to meet her soon and have her insight on Arts culture in Tasmania. 

Sinsa Mansell is the Senior Producer of Performing Lines Tas, a proud Trawoolaway women from Larapuna the Northern region of Lutruwita Tasmania. Co-founder, and choreographer with the successful pakana kanaplila a traditional/contemporary Community dance troupe. A dance theatre maker and multimedia live performance artist. Sinsa’s artistic practice generates critical awareness of the rich cultural heritage and continuing practices of her ancestors. Forging opportunities for the broader community to engage with her culture and community, the Aboriginal peoples of Lutruwita and the Bass Strait Islands, Working Nationally and Internationally, Sinsa has been supporting ways to reclaim ancient cultural traditions. Passionately committed to educational programs working closely with her community and Elders to build a wide range of educational resources for the Australia’s Core Skills Framework.

Sinsa was one of six direct advisors to the Federal Arts Minister for the development of National Cultural Policy in 2023. She has served on the Ministerial Arts and Advisory Council for State Growth, The First Nations Advisory Group for APAM and advisory panels for the Moonah Arts Centre, Ten Days on the Island Festival and the Walantanalinany Palingina (WaPa) Program.

For film and television Sinsa has appeared in Leah Purcell’s A Drover’s Wife and Deadloch for AMAZON. Most recently Sinsa’s supporting role on the other side of the camera, acting as the palawa producer supporting a Netflix First Nations Attachment mentoring program on current TV series in production The Survivors.

Through her artistic roles and mentorship across the sector, Sinsa continues to champion arts opportunities for her palawa community.