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The Multicultural Council of Tasmania is offering a series of workshops, designed to support young migrants and international students to develop skills and cultural competencies. Topics will address issues and barriers that have been raised by the community, as well as solutions and practical knowledge and skills to address issues and barriers and built community resilience. They will also be conduct for networking and connecting young migrants with diverse communities in Tasmania.

These workshops are free and registration is required.


Upcoming Workshops


May | Financial Literacy (presented by Eveleen Rao)

Specifically designed for youth and international students, this workshop will provide crucial information about:

  • Understanding your tax; rights and obligations
  • Youth compliance with the Australian tax and welfare systems (ATO, Medicare levy and deductions)
  • Cash flow and practical tips on budgeting
  • Superannuation Literacy
  • Anti-scam education


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June | Insights into Tasmanian workplace culture (Presented by Zelinda Sherlock)

For newly arrived Tasmanians who have no work experience in a Tasmanian workplace, it can be hard to understand the Tasmanian workplace culture. The cultural of a workplace is influenced by the prevailing culture, combined with certain organization specific aspects.

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Upcoming workshops


August | Youth Community Advocacy: When not treated in a fair and equal way, it is important to be able to advocate for individual or community rights and needs. MCOT’s vision is of a culturally and linguistically diverse and harmonious Tasmania that is just, fair and inclusive – where people with diverse backgrounds have the opportunity to participate in and contribute to Tasmanian society. This workshop introduces advocacy pathways, cases and strategies to address issues faced by (members of) the multicultural community in Tasmania.


September | Emotional Intelligence: The foundation of emotional intelligence is to understand how personality traits interact with one’s cultural background and workplace culture. This workshop will provide theory and exercises with the aim to better understand individual strengths and challenges, as well as strategies to navigate challenging situations.


October | Project Planning: The purpose of this workshop is to give practical skills to equip young leaders to bring a project from its conception to reality, with detailed insight of all stage of this process.

If you would like more information, please contact Joana.cubillos@mcot.org.au.